Occupier Services

We are passionate about helping businesses to improve productivity and profitability. We offer strategic advice to occupiers as we believe the right business premises plays a vital role in the success of a business.

How We Can Help

Chandler Garvey Occupier Services work with businesses to help them develop a property strategy which aligns with their business strategy.

There are many situations where well considered property advice can help shape the direction of a business and we offer general advice, drawn from all of the specialist services we offer. We can discuss lease re-gears with landlords to achieve short to medium term benefits for the occupier.
Chandler Garvey Occupier Services work with key decision makers and the senior management team to understand as much about the business as possible to help us work effectively to relocate the business. This understanding is vital as we become your out-house 'Property Department' for the life of the project.

Saving businesses time and money is key when acquiring new premises. Chandler Garvey Occupier Services is able to conduct a search for your premises and guide you through the myriad of issues within a lease to ensure that the business is not exposed to unnecessary costs during the lease. We are also able to use our skills and experience to purchase buildings or sites on your behalf.

This delegation allows the senior management team to focus on what they do best; running the company.
A lease renewal could be a once in a 10 year opportunity to review your business premises and ensure they still work for the organisation. We recommend considering the options between 12-18 months in advance of a lease renewal to ensure the company has enough time to search for and relocate to new premises if required.

Lease renewals are a key time for any business and it is important to ensure that the best possible terms are agreed with the landlord. Chandler Garvey can help save senior management time by negotiating terms with the landlord which includes not only the rent but every clauses within the lease. Our knowledge and experience of the local market will enable occupiers to develop focused strategies at lease renewals.

In most cases the landlord will be represented by a surveyor and we recommend that every tenant has professional representation in a lease renewal negotiation.

We work closely with the key decision makers to undertake a full review of the current premises to decide if they will continue to work for the business for the future. We often manage two processes simultaneously; looking for new premises and negotiating a lease renewal to keep options open and allow for an informed decision.
The rent review process for a tenant can be complicated and time consuming and unless you have someone within the organisation with the correct experience, could leave the company facing a rental increase.

Chandler Garvey work with tenants to understand the specific rent review clauses within the lease and negotiate with the landlord’s surveyor to achieve a nil or relatively insignificant increase in rent.

Rent reviews are a rich source of case law and many disputes have arisen in the Courts. The hypothetical nature of rent reviews and the artificial world created by the assumptions and disregards is a minefield for all but experienced rent review surveyors and we have the skill and expertise to guide clients through this process.

Acquisition Process

Step 1

Meet client and understand current situation and take detailed brief

Step 2

Interrogate the market and produce availability schedule, including properties not on the open market

Step 3

Client shortlists from the schedule and arrange viewings

Step 4

Proposals obtained on shortlisted properties

Step 5

Open detailed negotiations on preferred property. Cost analysis undertaken

Step 6

Agree the Heads of Terms between the landlord and the tenant

Step 7

Bring in building surveyors, planning consultants and fit out consultants as necessary

Step 8

Instruct solicitors and continue to liaise with them solving problems right through the legal process

Step 9

Lease exchange

Step 10

Lease completion

Step 11

Still on hand to answer any questions during the fit out process

Step 12

Happy client moves into new premises

What our clients say

Occupier Services
Ashridge Group
"Moving premises is a minefield and I am so pleased that we instructed Chandler Garvey to relocate our business. Their knowledge of our current leasing situation was invaluable as our lease had Security of Tenure which added another complication to exiting our building. Chandler Garvey negotiated a more advantageous deal than others on the park and resolved any problems quickly. This left myself and the senior management team to continue to run the business whilst the building was being constructed. There were so many elements that we didn't consider or know how to deal with and were grateful to be able to call Joanna about a myriad of issues. We now have an excellent working environment that will help us to recruit staff and allow the business to grow."

Mark Walker
National Trust
"Thank you for all your help and hard work in finding us new premises. I know our requirements changed during the process, but the team is really happy with the outcome and everyone recognises the help and support we received from Chandler Garvey."

Robin Charlesworth
Estates Manager
Occupier Services
Occupier Services
"Chandler Garvey were originally instructed 4 years ago when we opened an office in the UK. When we decided to look for alternative business premises, we once again, briefed Chandler Garvey and found what we thought was the perfect property in Gerrards Cross. Unfortunately, that deal fell through and we started again, this time focussing on Marlow, where we found Morris House, which is in a great location for the High Street and transport connections. Chandler Garvey managed to agree better terms than we had hoped for, but still retain the lease flexibility needed. Towards the end of the negotiations, we were very grateful for the advice to help resolve the dilapidations issue, which could’ve delayed our move by 8 weeks. This move will undoubtedly help our business grow."

Dion Blair
Global Sales & Channel Director


Most office occupiers will allocate between 60-150 sq ft per person. For example if you have 12 staff you may be looking for an office between 720 – 1,800 sq ft.

You will need to think about how much additional space you will require in terms of meeting rooms, training rooms and private offices.

Many occupiers are moving to agile working or multi-functional spaces where collaboration between teams is becoming increasingly important.

If you are unsure of your current office size then you can check your property listing on the voa.gov.uk which lists your business rates. On the listing it should say the floor area which will give you something to work from. This can also help for industrial buildings where the above ratio is not relevant.

Chandler Garvey Occupier Services can help you assess how much space you will need taking into consideration future growth. If you need commercial lease advice or help negotiating your business lease then please get in touch.

Understanding your commercial property costs is key to every business. In the current market there is a range of rental rates across offices, warehouses and retail and of course across the specification of the premises. There are three basic types of costs you would expect to pay when renting an office, industrial unit or shop. Firstly, the rent which is typically paid quarterly in advance. Secondly are the business rates which are paid to your Local Authority. Finally you may be expected to pay a service charge or estate charge to maintain the common parts if your building is not self-contained. Our Property Acquisition experts can help analyse all of the costs of your business premises during your relocation.

The Rateable Value of your premises can be found at www.voa.gov.uk/correct-your-business-rates by typing in your postcode. If your rateable value is less than £15,000 and you only occupy one property then you can apply to the Local Authority to get 100% rates relief and therefore pay no business rates. This is called Small Business Rates Relief.

To work out your business rates you need to use the uniform business rates (UBR) multiplier. For 2020/21 the UBR for Rateable Values under £51,000 is 49.9p and for those over £51,000 it is 51.2p.

Example: Rateable Value is £20,000 x 0.466 = £9,980 rates payable.

Business rates are paid to your local authority.

If you think that your rateable value is incorrect or if you occupy multi units you could make savings with one single listing then please get in touch.

There are a number of things to consider when renting new premises, not only the costs of taking on the lease but issues during the lease but leaving the premises at the end of term. The rent per square foot (usually how rents are quoted) is often what tenants focus on however there are many other parts of the lease that need attention to save the business from expensive costs during and at lease end. We recommend that every occupier takes commercial lease advice as they are complex documents which tie you in to that property for the life of the lease.

We can help business tenants by ensuring they agree to the most advantageous terms.

Chandler Garvey Occupier Services can help not only find your new premises but guide you through the negotiation and legal process to ensure that your business saves time and money.

The short answer is yes. A commercial lease can be a complicated document with additional documents regarding works you are doing to the property (Licence to Alter) and its current condition (Schedule of Condition). If the new lease is outside the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 then you will need a solicitor to witness you signing the documents to exclude the lease from those provisions. Your business will be bound to the property for the life of the lease and it is vital that you understand all of the clauses. As your Property Acquisition experts we work very closely with your solicitor to help re-word and negotiate the key clauses to ensure they are advantageous to the tenant.

The Occupier Services division can offer businesses a property consultancy service whereby we become your out-house property department. Together with offering commercial property advice, we challenge every occupier we work with to consider their premises as an important asset to the team. Ahead of a lease expiry, during meetings with clients, we challenge their thinking on the space and environment they offer to clients and staff, the most suitable location for their premises and other issues including the length of the lease. By working closely with our clients, we are able to build up a level of understanding of the business and trust to achieve the best results.

During this time, we often run two scenarios side by side, for example engaging with the landlord regarding a renewal in your current premises, together with investigating the market for new premises. Only once the business has all parts of the jigsaw, are they able to make an informed decision.

Chandler Garvey help business tenants to follow through on their decision; if they want to stay we help negotiate a new lease or if they want to leave, we acquire new premises.

If you would like to remain in your premises then you enter a lease renewal negotiation with your landlord. You will need to serve the specific notice to renew your lease if it is inside the

Landlord & Tenant Act 1954. We would recommend that you are represented by a surveyor to negotiate a lease renewal as many of the issues are similar to letting new space. This could be your once in a 10 year opportunity to re-align the lease with current deals in the market.

If your lease is outside the Landlord & Tenant Act then there are no notices to serve, although you will still have to negotiate terms for your new business lease. This process can take a lot of senior management time and so using Chandler Garvey Occupier Services we can save you time and money by ensuring you are getting the best possible terms for your new lease.

Facilities management covers the internal and external maintenance of business premises. As well as ensuring the property is working efficiently for your business, there is huge raft of legislation that must be adhered to. For example fire alarm testing, legionella testing, air conditioning maintenance and external maintenance. Chandler Garvey can help manage your property, please complete the Contact Us form.

How do I get a lease break? If you didn’t negotiate a break in your lease at the start, it is often difficult to negotiate with your landlord to include one mid-lease. If you have a tenant only break in your lease then as a business you must decide if you want to break your lease and find new premises, or stay in your current building. Chandler Garvey Occupier Services can help you evaluate your current premises to ensure that they still work for you now and in the future life of the lease. Commercial lease breaks often have conditions attached to them and you must check these carefully so that your break notice is valid. Our commercial property experts can read your lease to summarise your break clause and conditions.

If you decide to find new premises you must ensure you serve the correct notices within good time. You will also need to check that you have adhered to all of the conditions in order to serve your break.

The landlord may also have a break notice in the lease which can make it difficult for a business to plan, as they have no control over this.

We would advise at least 12 months if possible, or longer if you have to serve a longer notice on your break / lease expiry. It can take some time to not only understand your exact requirements, but then find the property within your preferred location. There are many phases to an acquisition and could include disposing of your current premises alongside acquiring new space. After the building has been found and the terms of a new lease negotiated, you will need to consider space planning and fitting out your new premises, the legal process, setting up the new office in terms of phone and broadband connection and physically moving. Chandler Garvey offer business lease advice to occupiers relocating by really getting under the skin of the company to understand how they work so can offer valuable advice.

Chandler Garvey Occupier Services can assist with all of these phases, enabling you to get the best deal and save money but almost more importantly, save senior management time throughout the process.

A landlord would typically start the rent review process off by serving you notice as per the terms in your lease. Your landlord will contact you with the proposed uplifted rent which would be for you to agree to or negotiate. We would always recommend employing a chartered surveyor to act on your behalf to ensure you are paying a fair rent. Chandler Garvey offer commercial property support to occupiers during a rent review as we are aware of the agreed terms in the market so can provide evidence to support as smaller uplift in rent as possible. Our fees are usually linked to savings we can achieve.

There are many things to consider when moving to new premises and often the last thing tenants think about is exiting their old premises. The business may have to give notice to leave your current premises – Chandler Garvey can read your lease and guide you through the process.

Dilapidations usually form part of negotiations at lease expiry. The landlord serves a Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations on the tenant which is a document detailing all of the disrepair in the building and the cost to put it into full repair (subject to any Schedules of Condition agreed at the start of the lease). Conventionally these works can either be done by the tenant before the lease expires if they move out early, alternatively a monetary settlement is paid to the landlord after expiry. Dilapidations is often seen as the ‘dark art’ of commercial property and we would always urge occupiers to take professional advice.

If your lease in inside the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 you will need to serve a contractual notice with the notice period pertained in your lease. Conventionally your break notice is subject to paying your rent and giving vacant possession. Our property acquisition experts can work with you to help evaluate your current premises, if you choose to stay, or acquire new premises for the business.

Solicitors will often not agree to anything more onerous than paying of rent and providing vacant possession but this is not always the case. Chandler Garvey Occupier Services can help liaise with your solicitor to ensure that you are able to break your lease without any delay.

Moving a business can be an expensive and time consuming process and one that you do not want to repeat regularly, which means you need to get it right when you do. Our commercial property experts work with your business to understand your requirements. The first phase of a relocation includes understanding the brief, searching the market and finding all of the available properties (including those not yet on the open market). This phase can take many months if there is low demand in the sector. The second phase is helping

evaluate the options including arranging and accompanying the occupier on viewings to enable a final choice on the premises to be made. The third phase involves agreement terms and negotiating the finer points of the deal before solicitors are instructed. We work very closely with the lawyers and other consultants to resolve any issues right up to completion.

Often a business needs to relocate to new premises (larger or smaller) during the lease and are left with the liability of the lease until expiry.

Chandler Garvey Commercial Property Consultants are able to read the lease in detail and offer advice on possible options including assigning your lease or subletting to another business.

Our agency department can put your current building on the market whilst the our property acquisition experts help build a strategy around exiting the current building and acquiring new premises.

If your lease does not allow assignments or subletting then an approach to the landlord could be made to surrender the lease. Again, we can help negotiate the surrender.