Chandler Garvey Expands Its Managed Property Portfolio

Since our last newsletter and despite the ongoing challenges within the economy, Chandler Garvey continues to grow its managed property portfolio.

The events of the past 18 months have changed the established outlook for commercial property owners, with many realising the financial and compliance benefits of having an effective and experienced property manager to oversee their assets.

It comes as no surprise that tenants have required a significantly greater amount of support during the changing legislative landscape and, consequently, property owners have needed to deliver better and more frequent communication, increase the value of service provision and obtain greater insight into upcoming challenges.

With our property management software from Re-Leased now firmly embedded within the company processes and with our depth of experience, Chandler Garvey continue to deliver increasingly positive results for our existing clients.

Chandler Garvey firmly believe Property Management expertise is more valuable than ever before.

n the past weeks we have been fortunate enough to bring on board new clients, all of whom have recognised the additional value in having their properties overseen by an experienced and effective property management company.

Their properties comprise:

  • An established 11 unit industrial estate in Langley, Slough.
  • An established 12 unit industrial estate in Hayes.
  • A mixed commercial and residential property in the centre of Thame.

In addition to the day to day management of properties, Chandler Garvey has been working hard to ensure the consistency and quality of our service provision.

Key milestones for us have been:

  • A review and consolidation of our contractor procurement process to ensure we instruct the best available contractors for the relevant task
  • We have replaced our nominated H&S risk assessors across our entire managed portfolio and have begun working with RPS Group.
  • We continue to work with LA Supply utility procurement brokers to deliver green energy plans (wherever possible) as part of our commitment to reducing carbon emissions
  • If you’re interested in discussing the management of your property, please do make contact with us and we’d be delighted to review the options with you.