Proving your identity and ownership of a property

Acceptable documents – Money Laundering Regulations 2017

As with all Property Agents, Chandler Garvey is subject to the Money Laundering Regulations 2017. This means that we have to obtain and hold identification and proof of address for all customers. Additionally, we are also required to establish whether there are any beneficial owners on whose behalf the transaction or activity is taking place, hence, we would request you to identify anyone who you would consider to be a beneficial owner. Where appropriate, the source or destination of funds may also be requested. Without this information, we will be unable to proceed with any work on your behalf.
Below is a list of acceptable identity documents. We require sight of all original or certified documents. Subject to your individual circumstances, Chandler Garvey may liaise with you for further/other documentation.

Individual Identity Documents

We will require one document from List A and one recent document from List B, dated within the past 3 months

For UK Personal Searches:

As proof of Identification:

UK Passport
Full UK Driving Licence
Firearms/Shotgun Certificate
NI Card and P60
Inland Revenue Document
Bank building Society Statement with address
Credit Card Statement
State ID Card (EU Only)
Council Tax Bill
Photo Driving Licence
Tax Credit
State Pension
Housing Benefit
National ID Card (Non UK Nationals)
ID Card issued by Electoral Roll office for NI
Education Grant/other Grant
Instrument of a Court Appointment

As proof of Address:

Utility Bill
Mortgage Statement

For International Personal Searches:

As proof of Identification:

Passport (with number or preferably MRZ)
Personal Identification Number
Identity Card Number
Driving Licence Number
Travel Document
Residence Permit
Identity Certificate Number
Registro Federal de Contribuyentes
Credencial de Elector
Tax File Number (Australia Only)

For UK non-Personal Searches:

Certificate of Incorporation
Articles of Association
Memorandum of Association
Latest Annual Return or Confirmation Statement, with details of officers

For International non-Personal Searches:

this will be reviewed on a case by case basis