Increase energy efficiency to save on energy costs

As the cost of living continues to increase, energy prices are at the top of all our concerns. Over the last few months businesses are having to look for creative ways to help them save on their energy bills and your property may be the first place to start.

We’ve looked at some quick wins to becoming more energy efficient and saving on energy costs:

LIGHTING – if you haven’t already, we strongly suggest you switch to LED lighting. LED bulbs don’t burnout so last longer plus they use far less energy. Lighting projects tend to be a low-cost investment but give a big return in energy savings.

INSULATION – If you have a heated industrial unit consider investing in good roof insulation which will help reduce overall usage and help bring your costs down.

Other more expensive investments that can improve the buildings EPC rating and ensure the building is more energy efficient include:

REPLACING THE BOILER – Opting for a new energy-efficient boiler can help cut down energy bills

DOUBLE GLAZING – Upgrading your windows and doors to double glazing can help to reduce heat loss in the building and cut down on external noise.

WALL INSULATION – Insulating your walls can reduce heat loss helping to reduce your energy consumption.

RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE – Installing solar panels can improve your EPC rating and provide you with cheaper, greener energy.

When having the building EPC rated the energy efficiency assessor will suggest the most effective improvements for the property. To make it easier for property owners there are also new measures coming in to ensure that you can gain access to your properties to implement energy efficiency improvements and ensure the works are carried out.

If you are thinking of making improvements to your commercial property but worried about the costs involved why not look at the energy-saving grants that are now available. These grants can help business upgrade their equipment and systems to cut emission and lower their energy bills. With grants of up to £6,750 why not check to see if your project is eligible?

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