Introducing Arteel Recognition Software

Around the world, well-being has become one of the most important goals for companies who care. Business leaders realise that money alone is not the answer. To connect with employees, a different approach is needed.

Chandler Garvey recently partnered with Arteel and implemented a new recognition system to enable us to connect with and show appreciation to our employees.

Arteel understand that a culture of appreciation matters. Their community works to build a culture of engagement and appreciation into companies around the world.

RecognisePeers is a recognition and reward system that encourages colleagues to recognise, appreciate and reward each other.

RecognisePeers helps our employees feel more connected to their work, our company values, and their colleagues.

By using the RecognisePeers system we can ensure that every employee feels seen, heard, and appreciated for all the good work they do.

As 2022 begins the staff at Chandler Garvey are looking forward to continuing to deliver great teamwork and great results for the year ahead.


For more information on Arteel and the RecognisePeers system please visit their website: