Investing in Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health

As we all know Mental Wellbeing is important for us all. At Chandler Garvey creating a healthy workplace is key to ensuring our employees thrive and in order for us to do just that we reached out to Kerrie Brindle from BeneFIT Health & Wellbeing.

BeneFIT Health & Wellbeing look to support companies in delivering effective health and wellbeing strategies through the promotion and delivery of wellbeing programmes along with in-house and online training.

We recently hosted the two-day Mental Health First Aid training course offered by Kerrie, at our head office attended by one of our staff members alongside a number of other local Buckinghamshire businesses. The course explores different forms of mental illness, what they could look like in individuals and teaches people the tools to help.

Kerrie Brindle BeneFIT Health and Wellbeing


To find out more about the courses and training provide by Kerrie, please visit her website for more information:

Get to know Kerrie via her linked in profile HERE