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Market Appraisal Services

Considering selling or letting your property? Our Market Appraisal service offers specialised guidance for commercial property owners and investors.

What is a Market Appraisal?

A Market Appraisal is an informal assessment of your property’s market value.  Our agents consider various factors, such as location, size and condition, to recommend a competitive price or rent aligned with current market trends.

As part of the market appraisal our experts will:

  • provide advice on how to maximise the chances of a successful sale or letting
  • provide personalised guidance based on your property’s unique features and market conditions
  • explore pricing and marketing strategies tailored to your properties requirements

It is important to note that a Market Appraisal is not suitable for formal purposes like pensions or taxation.  For this you should consider our Red Book valuation or Charities Act Report services.

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Formal Red Book Valuations

Our Red Book Valuation service provides a formal assessment of your property’s value, meeting the strict standards set by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). This comprehensive valuation goes beyond a market appraisal, considering factors like comparable market evidence, planning permissions, environmental impact, energy efficiency, and development potential.

Why do you need a Red Book Valuation?

A formal or “Red Book” valuation is often required for financial purposes such as updating market value for pensions (SIPPs, SASSs), probate, Capital Gains Tax or other accounting purposes as required by HMRC. As RICS certified valuers, our team ensures that your valuations comply with these legal requirements and meet industry regulations as set out in the RICS Valuation – Global Standards and RICS Valuation – Global Standards: UK Supplement.

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Designated Adviser's Report

The Charities (Dispositions of Land: Designated Advisers and Reports) Regulations 2023 and the requirements of Sections 17 and 19-22 of the Charities Act 2022 (the Act), requires Trustees to take advice before committing to a sale (or other relevant disposal). Charity trustees must have obtained and considered a written report from a designated adviser acting exclusively for the charity and have decided, having considered that report, that the terms of the sale (or disposal) are the best that can reasonably be obtained for the charity.

What is a Designated Adviser’s Report (DAR)?

A Designated Adviser’s Report (DAR) differs from an ordinary valuation report because the designated adviser is required to give guidance on many different issues, not just price. Our reports cover the required 5 advice points set out in the 2023 Regulations, namely.

  • The value of the relevant land;
  • Any steps which could be taken to enhance that value;
  • Whether and, if so how, the relevant land should be marketed;
  • Anything else which could be done to ensure that the terms on which the disposition is made are the best that can reasonably be obtained for the charity; and
  • Any other matters which the designated adviser believes should be drawn to the attention of the charity trustees.

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